Adventure on the Eternal Fjord, Kangerlussuatsiaq

A boat trip to the Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord north of Maniitsoq in Greenland is an unforgettable experience in unusually beautiful nature. Meet calving glaciers and high mountain peaks or take a dip in the turquoise blue water!

As part of my work with Nature Guide Greenland, I traveled around Southwest Greenland in September 2021. I had the opportunity to sail to the Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord – or the Eternal Fjord as it’s litterally called in Danish. My travel description and photos can be viewed at Politiken online (though behind payment wall). The article is in Danish and also appeared in the paper version of Politiken on 26/12/2021.

A large iceberg breaks off the glacier front and lands on the sea surface with a deafening bang. Completely unexpected and we are almost stunned as we stand there staring from the boat a few hundred meters away. In the next few seconds, a dangerous wave rises.

Images go through my head of huge tidal waves that wash people overboard and houses in the sea, as has happened in Greenland before. Our boat seems vanishingly small – like a small piece of toy in front of the giant glacier. The distance to the nearest neighbor, the small village of Kangaamiut, is over 100 km so if an accident happens, the help is certainly not near.

“Is it a tsunami coming? Is it dangerous?” exclaims several of us. Read on here (in Danish).

Related to my trip to Southwest Greenland, I was on various hikes in Maniitsoq. A rather challenging hike took me to the the top of the local mountain, the 567 meter high Iviangiusat. Read my report from the hike here (in English).

View to the archipelago of Maniitsoq from the top of Iviangiusat. Photo: Bo Normander

My trip to Southwest Greenland was supported by Visit Greenland, Arctic Umiaq Line, and Maniitsoq Tour Boat.

Evighedsfjorden Bo Normander
In deep water on the Eternal Fjord. Photo: Bo Normander
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