Qooroq Glacier Narsarsuaq. Photo: Bo Normander
  • Upcoming Release on Greenland's Nature

In collaboration with Gyldendal Publishers, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Visit Greenland and others, Bo Normander is writing and producing a new nature guide for Greenland, which will be published both as a physical guidebook and digital products. The guide will contain extensive descriptions and facts about Greenland’s nature, geology, climate, animals and plants, natural heritage, etc. and will be richly illustrated with photos and graphics. The book is expected to be released by spring 2021.

  • Guide to the Arctic Circle Trail

In 2018, Bo Normander released a comprehensive guide to the Arctic Circle Trail. The guide provides tips and guidance on this beautiful but tough 165 km long hike in West Greenland. The ACT is an absolute classic among experienced hikers. The terrain is varied and hilly, nature heavenly beautiful, and the trail can be travelled between 7 and 12 days depending on your preferences and fitness. The guide can be viewed both online and downloaded as a printer-friendly pdf.

  • Greenlandic Seasons

In 2016, Bo Normander released the photo book Greenlandic Seasons, which in text and pictures takes the reader on an exciting journey to Greenland’s dramatic yet beautiful Arctic nature. About the book, the reviewers wrote:

”The author, Bo Normander, is a master with his camera and delivers some very beautiful and evocative pictures”– Niels Lisborg,

”Breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerizing photo book”Sanne Mendel, Danish Libraries

The book can be viewed in excerpt and ordered here

Bo Normander has many years of experience in writing and communicating about nature, the environment and climate change. His interest in writing was awakened as a young editor of the journal Global Ecology (“Global Økologi”). Since then he has authored more than 300 articles, editorials and reports, including 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

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