Hiking in Jameson Land

A hike in the northeastern Greenlandic wilderness in Jameson Land offers incredible mountain landscapes and intimate experiences with the large musk oxen that dig into the local vegetation. Jameson Land is pristine Arctic wilderness, and as a hiker you must take precautions.

You can read all about this in my latest article for Visit Greenland.

Musk Oxen and Sandstone Mountains in Jameson Land

Already from the airport I spot my first musk ox, walking and grazing a couple of kilometres away. I head towards it and get some good photos taken. It’s a lone male who is following me closely with his eyes, so I keep a good distance.

I continue for a few kilometres in a northerly direction, until I reach the bottom of the valley through which the Goose River runs. A propeller plane from Iceland is about to land before I turn around the “corner” of a mountain ridge. Now I am completely out of reach of civilisation – my mobile phone no longer works, and I will not see people again until I return to Nerlerit Inaat… Read on here.

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