Bo Normander gives lectures and presentations on nature, biodiversity, climate change, Greenland, outdoor life, and much more. Among others, he offers lectures on:

  • How do we halt the loss of biodiversity?

The loss of biodiversity is a silent killer, with species and ecosystems slowly disappearing from the globe. Just think of the burning of the Amazon or the lack of space nature has in Denmark. What do we do to curb the loss of biodiversity? And why do we talk so little about it? Climate change receives great attention in society, but the same has not happened for biodiversity. In this lecture, 

Bo Normander discusses the challenges of the biodiversity crisis and how we can raise public awareness of the problem.

  • Greenland's nature and climate

There is hardly any place on Earth where the forces of nature and adaptation to a harsh climate appear more contrasting and diverse than in Greenland. But nature and biodiversity are undergoing rapid change in line with global climate change. What is the state of Greenland’s nature and climate? What changes do we face, and why is Greenland particularly vulnerable to climate change? 

In this lecture, Bo Normander discusses in words and pictures the future of Greenland and opens up for debate.

  • Hiking for the adventurous

Greenland’s wilderness, the Pyrenees or the Dolomites, Swedish forests or Danish fjords? Where do you find the coolest hikes in the most spectacular scenery? 

Bo Normander gives lectures on hiking and shares experiences and travel tips. Illustrated with beautiful pictures and reports from some of Europe’s most iconic and challenging hikes. Learn more about hiking on Kia Jensen and Bo Normander’s website www.gonature.dk.


Are you in need of a moderator or host for your event? Bo Normander is an experienced moderator at conferences and debates on nature, sustainability and climate change. He can keep a debate on track and maintain a good atmosphere with an eye to achieving tangible results.

Please contact NaturTanken here if you are either looking for an inspirational speaker or an experienced moderator.