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Nature Guide Greenland tells vividly and enthusiastically about Greenland’s nature with beautiful photos and in-depth information.

On 384 richly illustrated pages, the book comes all the way around Greenland’s nature, geology, climate and not least the unique animal and plant life so far north.

The book contains inspiring travel tips and is an encyclopedia for more than 550 species of animals, plants, fungi and more. In addition, a completely new geological overview of rocks and minerals is included.

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Nature Guide Greenland is packed with the latest knowledge about Greenland’s nature, geology, climate, wildlife, and plants.

The book is your gateway to nature experiences all over Greenland with travel descriptions, tips for sailing and hiking tours, and recommended visits to the country’s most spectacular nature sights.

Over 550 species of animals, plants, fungi, and more are included in the guide. In addition,
there is a brand new geological overview of rocks and minerals.

The book, which is richly illustrated with 540 colour photos and 18 maps, is the most comprehensive guide to Greenland published to date.

Nature Guide Greenland is aimed at all nature and travel enthusiasts with a love of Greenland. With this guide in hand, you are well equipped to explore Greenland’s magnificent nature.

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Nature Guide Greenland
© Bo Normander and Nature & Environment Publishers, Copenhagen, Denmark
Release date: December, 2023
Format: 21 x 15 x 2,4 cm
Pages: 384
Weight: 740 g
Photos: 540
Maps: 18
Language: English

ISBN 978-87-999180-1-0

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