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New Project to Create an Overview of Greenland’s Nature and Climate

Alpe-tjærenellike foran isfjelde nord for Ilulissat-Foto Bo Normander

A new project will gather and disseminate knowledge about Greenland’s nature and climate through the publication of a guidebook and digital products.

The Nature Guide will contain information and latest facts about Greenland’s nature, geology, climate, biodiversity, animal and plant life, etc. A related website will consist of thematic pages and a searchable guide for animals and plants.

The project is carried out in collaboration between several organizations, and is based on the latest knowledge from Greenlandic, Danish and international universities and institutions. An editorial team with experts from Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (Pinngortitaleriffik), DTU, Aalborg University among others will contribute to the scientific content of the book. The book will be published by Gyldendal.

Bo Normander is the project manager and lead author of the book. He works as an independent researcher and advisor at NaturTanken (the Nature Tank) and has many years of experience in research and dissemination on nature and the environment. About the project, he says:

”Today, there’s a great need to gather knowledge about the precious but also vulnerable Greenlandic nature. Greenland’s society is developing rapidly, and it’s important that this is happening with due regard for nature and the sustainable use of resources. The project will create an overview and contribute with the latest knowledge.”

Greenlandic companies and organisations are supporting

Visit Greenland is one of the partners supporting the project, and Director Julia Pars says about the background for participating:

”Nature and culture are the main reasons why tourists visit Greenland. Knowledge about nature and how the country will be affected by climate change is very important knowledge for our guests. With the prospect of growing tourism in Greenland, the industry has a responsibility to develop sustainable tourism that takes into account nature and the environment and ensures a positive development in the country.”

Several other Greenlandic companies support the project. One of them is the grocery chain Brugseni. Susanne Christensen, Director of Brugseni, comments:

”Greenland’s nature is very important to protect. At Brugseni, we are proud to be able to support such a good project. Informing and protecting nature in Greenland is something that is close to us as a company. We all have a responsibility to secure the future of Greenland, and if debate can be created in society and in schools about how to do this best, then we have come closer to the goal.”

Greenland’s nature is harsh

Greenland’s nature is magnificent and harsh. There is hardly any place on the globe where the forces of nature and the adaptation of plant and wildlife to extreme climatic conditions appear more contrasting and diverse than in Greenland.

At the same time, Greenland faces exceptional challenges, as it is especially in the Arctic region that global climate change can be felt with significant temperature rises and increased melting of sea ice. Increased international interest in the country’s resources and geopolitical significance as well as rising tourism also contribute to the high demand for knowledge and dissemination about Greenland’s nature and resources.

Nature Guide Greenland is expected to be published in early 2022.

Behind the project are: NaturTanken, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Visit Greenland, Gyldendal and others.

The project is supported by the Danish June 15 Foundation, Aage V. Jensen’s Foundation, Bestle’s Foundation, Brugseni (KNB), Disko Line, Blue Ice Explorer, World of Greenland, Hotel Arctic among others.

Russels Glacier
Russel's Glacier at Kangerlussuaq. Photo: Bo Normander