NaturTanken (the ‘Nature Tank’) is led by Dr. Bo Normander and offers advice to companies, governments and organizations about nature conservation and environmental planning.

NaturTanken offers counseling on:

    ❯  Nature conservation, protected areas, and Natura 2000
    ❯  Environmental assessment of construction projects, city planning, etc.
    ❯  Strategic planning of nature and environmental projects
    ❯  Integrated analysis of nature and environmental information
    ❯  Greenland’s nature and climate
    ❯  Photo/video footage of nature and landscapes

Please contact Bo Normander for an informal chat about possible consultancy assignments or project collaboration.


Nature Protection at Sea
In a project supported by the VELUX Foundation, all protected areas in Danish waters were reviewed and assessed in accordance with the IUCN’s international standard for nature protection. The project showed that only 4.8% of Denmark’s total sea area is protected according to the IUCN standard. IUCN – the International Union for Conservation of Nature – is the world’s largest nature organization.

Read more about the project’s results here.

Beskyttet hav i Danmark
Alpe-tjærenellike foran isfjelde nord for Ilulissat-Foto Bo Normander

Nature Guide for Greenland
In collaboration with Gyldendal Publishers, the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Visit Greenland and others, Bo Normander has written and produced a new nature guide for Greenland. The guide contains extensive descriptions and facts about Greenland’s nature, geology, climate, animals and plants, etc. and is richly illustrated with photos and maps. 

The book was released in March 2022. Read more here.

Assessment of Danish Municipalities’ Nature Protection Efforts
Together with Parks’n Trails and GEON, NaturTanken conducts assessments of protected nature in Danish municipalities. By applying the international standard for protected areas developed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), it can be shown whether a municipality complies with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals related to nature conservation. The IUCN standard provides a powerful tool for the municipality to set targets for nature conservation and management. As a case study we have assessed all of Gladsaxe Municipality’s protected nature areas. Of 73 investigated areas, we found that 30 areas met the IUCN standard.

Aldershvile Skov. Foto: Bo Normander
Møns Klint. Foto: Bo Normander

Evaluation of Denmark’s Nature Protected Areas by International Standard
For the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, NaturTanken participated in a major project on Danish nature conservation in order to create an overview of the many protected areas in Denmark and ensure better reporting to the EU and the UN. Out of 1,720 assessed conservation areas, 378 were found to comply with IUCN’s international standard for protected areas. The results are described on the Danish EPA’s website (in Danish). 

Development and Concept for Denmark’s Biodiversity Barometer
As former programme manager at WWF Denmark, Bo Normander was key responsible for the development of the Danish Biodiversity Barometer, which documents the status of Denmark’s efforts in relation to the UN’s 20 biodiversity goals – the so-called Aichi targets.

Scenarios for Future Farming
As project manager, Bo Normander participated in the Danish Ecological Council’s development of four future scenarios for Danish agriculture. As part of the project, we developed a tablet-based role-play on the future of farming, which won the gold medal at the European Commission’s CAP Communication Awards 2014.

Denmark’s State of the Environment Reporting
As former senior researcher at Aarhus University, Bo Normander was project manager and editor of Denmark’s State of the Environment reporting. The reports are published every four years and provide comprehensive analysis of a country’s state of nature, climate and environment.