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Online Guide about Greenland’s Flora

Visit Greenland and NaturTanken have released a new, cromprehensive online guide on flora in Greenland.

Greenland may not be known for its green areas, despite its name, but parts of the landscape contains plenty of interesting and beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers. The landscape is dominated by Arctic tundra, which lies desolate for large stretches with an almost untouched flora and fauna, which makes it a unique place to explore.

Species such as Arctic Willow, Dwarf Birch, Common Harebell, and Bog Bilberry are just some of the plants you can discover and enjoy when exploring the green parts of Greenland.

Do you have a special love for Arctic nature? Or maybe you want to learn about which plants you are safe to eat on your next trip to Greenland? Then read the online guide about Greenland’s flora here. 

We have compiled all the essential information on Greenland’s trees, shrubs, flowers, and edible plants for you who are planning your next hiking trip or simply wish to learn more about the flora of Greenland.

The guide is co-produced by NaturTanken and Visit Greenland. Photos by Bo Normander.

Arctic Willow
Dwarf Birch
Common Harebell
Bog Bilberry