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Air Greenland Brings to the Spotlight Greenland’s Beautiful Nature

In the new issue of Air Greenland’s in-flight magazine, Suluk, the ‘splendor and force of nature’ is highlighted to the max in a 10-page feature article. The article is in English, Danish, as well as Greenlandic.

The article features the Nature Guide Greenland, and Bo Normander tells, among other things, about the hard work of gathering the latest knowledge about Greenland’s nature, to which at least 200 people have contributed.

Suluk can be said to be Greenland’s most read magazine and is published 6 times a year. The magazine is available on Air Greenland’s aircrafts and in various supermarkets and shops. It can also be read online for free, for those who would like to be up-to-date about Greenland.

"Greenland has splendid nature and I am not used to this from home. In Denmark, there are buildings and fields everywhere. Here, untamed nature is fantastically beautiful. Nature here is more original and untouched by humans," says Bo Normander.