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Popular Guide to the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland

Arctic Circle Trail. Photo: Bo Normander

Bo Normander’s Guide to the Arctic Circle Trail has become one of the most used online guides for this beautiful but pretty demanding hiking trail in Greenland. His guide is recommended by, among others, Visit Greenland, and The guide can be read online or downloaded as a 23-page printer-friendly pdf.

The Arctic Circle Trail is a 165 km hiking trail between the towns of Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut in West Greenland. The hike offers a fantastic experience in Greenland’s wilderness, passing by ice-capped mountains, deserted shrublands, Arctic flowerbeds and rushing rivers. Can you imagine something better?

The ACT is an absolute classic among experienced hikers. The terrain is varied and hilly, nature heavenly beautiful, and the trail can be travelled between 7 and 12 days depending on your preferences and fitness. To complete the trail, it requires that you are in good physical shape and are familiar with deserted mountainous terrain.

So, if you’re about to plan next year’s summer vacation, it may be that the Arctic Circle Trail is just the thing. Read the whole guide here.